Chabad Talbiya chose to honor Protective Edge Families cared for by Chabad Terror Victims' Organization on the first night of Chanuka at 'Light Up Mamilla".
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Tears of sadness mixed with tears of joy as families of Operation Protective Edge who lost dear family members this past summer were hosted by Rabbi Eli and Chana Canterman of Chabad Talbiya.

Directors of CTV Organization Rabbis Kutner and Swerdlov are in touch with and care for the families on a daily basis and brought those who live around the Jerusalem area for a moving and uplifting evening at Mamilla.

Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem R' Aryeh Stern was guest of honor, expressing words of comfort and chizuk to the families. Yonatan and Aron Razel gave a soul stirring and then lively performance, leading to dancing that continued until the families were treated to a festive meal hosted by Cafe Rimon. The entire evening was sponsored by owners of 'Whispers' on Mamila Avenue and their friends from the U.S.

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"We pray," said Shliach Rabbi Eli Canterman, "that every Jew, no matter where they stand, will see Hashem's light on Chanuka and recognize that we have a history, destination, and truth, as a "Light unto the Nations'. Lets shine out that LIGHT out into the world with a strength and radiance, so all the nations of the world, including our enemies, will see that light. May we greet Moshiach, and rejoice as one."DSC_1 (48).JPG