A Matzah baking event for children with special needs in Jerusalem led to a discovery by organizers Shluchos Chana Canterman and Rena Traxler.

A Matzah baking event organized by the Friendship Circle of Central Jerusalem ended on a surprise note.

What was originally planned as a pre-Pesach Matzah baking experience and a mini toy auction for 20 special needs children and their siblings turned into an event with close to 100 participants.

Gathered at the old Train Station (Tachana Rishona) off Emek Refaim St., the crowd enjoyed live music, Matza baking and flour grinding, Pesach crafts, healthy sandwiches, pizza and lemon ice drinks. 

"The atmosphere you've created here is one of unity and Jewish pride," commented Eyal, director of events at the Tachana Rishona. "It was my honor to host you and the children."

After three fun-filled hours, organizers Shluchos Chana Cantermanand Rena Traxler discovered that a number of the families in attendance did not have plans for the Seder night.

So, a Seder was organized for the children and their families.

A memorable Seder was hosted by Chabad of Talbiya for children with special needs and their parents, with close to a hundred guests from around the globe including Hawaii, New Zealand, San Diego, France, Hungary, New York, London, Australia and South Africa. A family atmosphere and gourmet, home cooked food, kept the singing going until the early morning Kotel Minyan.

Sigal, the mother of a child with autism, thanked the dedicated volunteers for the "Chizuk, friendship and joy brought to the children to last throughout the holiday."