A Friendship Circle Lag B'Omer parade on Jerusalem's exclusive Mamilla Avenue captivated the attention of shoppers, store owners and passersby.

For the third time around - a chazaka - Mamilla Avenue in Jerusalem agreed to deviate from the normal routine and host another authentic Lag Bomer parade arranged by Rabbi Eli and Chana Canterman of Chabad Talbiya that captivated the attention of shoppers, store owners and passersby.

Amid Jerusalem's most exclusive hotels (among them the new Waldorf Astoria), Chabad of Talbiya's Friendship Circle Central Jerusalem and guests proudly marched and drummed down King David Street and onto the Avenue in unity and friendship.

Onlookers stood mesmerized, moved as the sound of the drums and Torah Pesukim resonated throughout the upscale mall, flavoring it with a sense of holiness.

The entourage and drummers continued on to Mamilla / Kariv Park where a children's rally led by R' Sholom B. Marzel, a show, treats and a fun- filled carnival awaited them.

Children's faces glowed with joy as they 'boothed away', bean racing, blowing flour, face painting, balloon shaving, arts'n crafts making and much more. "The dedicated volunteers from Beis Chana high school and Machon Shoshana helped create an atmosphere that had kids lingering on way beyond the park's closing time," noted the appreciative Shluchim.

One mother of a child with special needs (whose attendance at a parade on Lag B'omer was a first) commented, "My son blended so well into this welcoming event, enjoying the fun just like the others, that for a novel few hours, I didn't even feel anything was different," she said with appreciation.