"Am Yisroel Chai" reverberated in Jerusalem as families who have lost loved in ones in recent terror attacks were honored at a Menorah lighting.

The fourth night of Chanukah, Chabad of Talbiya's lighting at Mamilla honored families who have lost loved ones in the recent terror attacks. 

The Litman grandparents lit in honor of their son Reb Yaakov and grandson Netanel HYD, The Sherki Family lit in honor of their son Shalom Yochai HYD, and the Levine boys lit in honor of their father Kalman Zev who was one of the 5 murdered in the Har Nof massacre last year. 

Chain supermarket owner, Rami Levi, who has a personal connection with all of these families joined them at the lighting, singing, and dancing with them (despite his usual shyness) as famed guest singer Chaim Yisroel took to the stage and uplifted the Mamilla crowd as the words "Am Yisroel Chai" reverberated throughout the Avenue. 

Night # 5 on Mamilla Avenue was dedicated to the children of Israel. MC Rabbi Yossi Gluckowsky led a lively children's rally and reminded them that Torah is the secret of our existence, specifically the Torah learning of children as the story of Chanukah portrays. Torah Pesukim followed and Itai Vital, grandson of the curator at Mamilla led the candle lighting along with other children including Meir Zev Canterman, (son of Chabad of Talbiya/Mamilla Shaliach Rabbi Eli Canterman) who celebrated his 4th birthday that night. 

A super surprise followed, the Kinderlach Choir, (who were to star that night) were delayed with their flight home from Eilat. FDD Productions stepped up to the plate and produced another winning card bringing Israeli child wonder singer Uziah Zadok to the lighting instead.