Chabad of Talbiya in Jerusalem's ‘Light up Mamilla Festival’ honored children of Israel, achievers of Israel and recent Olim to the country.

The final three night's of Chabad of Talbiya's ‘Light up Mamilla Festival’ were events to be remembered. The fifth night of Chanukah was dedicated to the children of Israel.

Five ‘young, shining lights’ were honored: Elkana Friedman, winner of this year's global Tanach contest, Uriah Horowitz, from the (soon to be dismantled) settlement of Amona; Shean of Netanya, noted for her outstanding good deeds; Emuna Lavie, who selflessly and tirelessly volunteered to help families whose homes were destroyed by recent, horrific fires, and birthday boy-Meir Zeev Canterman, son of Chabad of Talbiya's shluchim.

Rabbi Naftali Rot of Jerusalem was MC and welcomed these five ‘shining lights.’ The packed avenue was enthralled by the young ‘Kinderlach’ choir. Their singing and dancing was a delight to all. When the show had concluded, Lebele the fire juggler kept the flame burning, and the endless flow of fresh donuts, was the 'cherry on the cake'.

A new group of heroes - 'Israel's Achievers', was honored on night 6. The president of OU Israel, Zvi Sand, welcomed Mr Natan Barak, co founder of Israel’s Iron Dome; Dr Avi Shroeder, founder of Nano Technology for Cancer Medicine; Yoel Zilberman, founder of Israel’s Hashomer Hachadash organization in the north of Israel; and the Golowinsky family of Toronto ,members of Chabad of Flamingo and innovators of ‘Friday Lights’ at Mamilla.

A highlight moment was had when Iron Dome co- founder, Natan Barak, was presented with a unique gift; A painting of Israel's' Iron Dome', created by one of Chabad Talbiya's teen Friendship Circle members who took part in their very recent 'Art of Friendship' project and requested the painting be given to the 'Iron Dome' founders.

"Last year, we searched for months, at government/ army offices and more, for a way to reach the Iron Dome founders and invite them for Chanuka 2015, without success; as noone would give away their contact details," marveled shlucha Chanie Canterman.

"We were somewhat disappointed. Then, Chanuka 2016 was around the corner. A mere month after this painting was created, a person I had approached last year for the number, suddenly slipped the cell phone of Natan Barak into my inbox! The Al-mighty knew as usual, that this year was the right time for him to come, be honored and receive the (now existing) special piece of 'art created with heart'. It made the evening all the more meaningful..."

“It was moving to witness,” commented an onlooker, “the humility, and unassuming nature of the candle lighters this evening. Each guest of honor, is a celebrity in his own right, yet so modest and warm in character.” They spoke from the heart, with passion as did MC Zvi Sand.

Dr Avi Schroeder commented, “I want to thank Chabad of Talbiya for bringing light to the city of Jerusalem and people from all around. Nano technology is in a nutshell: small robots that are actually one in one thousand the width of any hair on your head! When injected into the bloodstream, they are designed to find the site of cancer and destroy the disease cells. It’s part of the light we try to bring, and the concept blends well this beautiful, light filled event.” 

Singer Itzik Dadya wowed the huge, cheering audience with his magnificent voice and spirit.

The 'Eight lights' on 'Zois Chanukah' shone majestically and brightly as the Solomon Brothers outdid themselves with their uplifting and energetic performance, well suited to Chabad of Talbiya's Chanukah finale of 2016. The theme of the night was ‘8 lights from around the globe'. Yossi Fraenkel of Zaka, was MC and introduced representatives from Australia, Canada, England, US, Switzerland, Russia and France.

"May the light that shone on this Avenue for 8 days strong," concluded Shliach Rabbi Eli Canterman, "continue to inspire and empower, every Jewish soul around the world, year long and beyond."