Friendship Circle Lights up Mamilla

By COLlive reporter 

On the second night of Chanuka, Friendship Circle of Jerusalem celebrated people of all abilities at a Menorah lighting at the famed Mamilla Avenue.

Friendship Circle of Central Jerusalem put a new spin on the classic encouragement of friendship and inclusion promoted by Friendship Circles internationally. 

On the second night of Chanuka, Friendship Circle members took over the Chabad Centre of Talbiya's Mamilla Avenue menorah and welcomed the crowd into their world at one of the most populated public menorah lightings, known world-wide for their nightly concerts and tremendous kiddush hashem. 

Celebrating people of all abilities, Friendship Circle of Central Jerusalem, a project of Rabbi Eli and Chana Canterman, hosted Ori Sasson, Israeli Olympic medalist, and world renowned singer, Dedi Graucher to joyfully celebrate Chanukah and publicize the miracle of Chanuka and the miracle of friendship.

Ori Sasson, Olympic bronze medalist for Israel in 2016, said, “I believe you need to push every day! You need to believe in yourself! and this is what the Friendship Circle does.” With projects such as ‘Buddy Baseball’, ‘Art of Friendship’ and the classic ‘Friends At Home’, FC Jerusalem exemplifies and inspires the Israeli communities to recognize that every child needs and deserves friendship. Every child can and should be included in private and public social events around the year.

Laci Rosen, one of Friendship Circle Jerusalem children, welcomed Ori Sasson and joined him in lighting the menorah. Menachem Mendel DavidsonHadassah and Sari Fisher and other members joined Dedi on stage as the busiest avenue in Jerusalem rang out with songs such as Dedi's famous “Kulanu nashir beyachad - everybody sing together” and more. 

“One of the most amazing concerts. The energy and the ruach has inspired me. What a kiddush hashem brought from the children of Friendship Circle," remarked Dedi at the end of the evening, on a high from the enthusiastic crowd and the beautiful atmosphere of joy and ahavas yisroel that permeated the night.

There were eight tremendous nights of chanukah at the Mamilla avenue but the one that shined the brightest was definitely the night of Friendship Circle. The glow on the faces of all the members, volunteers and families will remain a fond memory during the coming winter months.

Rabbi Eli and Chana Canterman are working hard to keep the kiddush hashem and smiles brought by Friendship Circle burning not only over chanukah but all year round. 

Today, Wednesday, 20 December, they are holding a Charidy campaign to raise much needed funds to keep building and growing. Generously matched by three donors, they are raising $144,000 in just 24 hours and like every Charidy it’s a race against time in their all or nothing scheme.

Help Friendship Circle of Central Jerusalem reach more, do more and create more smiles so that #EveryChild has a best friend and #EveryChild feels included with the world at large.

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