Dec 17, 2017

Michael Oren Speaks at Chabad

Knesset member and author Michael Oren was the guest speaker at Chabad of Talbiya-Mamilla, speaking on Jerusalem.

​“What a zechut to be with you tonight where the greatest democracy, the most powerful military force in the world, the United States of America our oldest ally has recognised the capital of the independent, proud and sovereign Jewish state, as the city of jerusalem. Our eternal and undivided capital not only for the last 70 years but for the last 3000 years.”

The opening words of MK Michael Oren at Chabad of Talbiya-Mamilla’s 5th annual Yud Tes-Kislev lecture by Rabbi Eli and Chana Canterman, attended by over 350 people.

Moments after President Donald Trump's official announcement Mr. Oren, deputy minister to the Prime minister's office, arose to speak to the crowd gathered to celebrate Yud Tes Kislev and shared his personal connection with Chabad and what Yud-Tes Kislev means to him. He spoke about his New Jersey based family and their very abstract relationship with Judaism and Israel and how his spiritual awakening during his teenage years led him to find shliach Rabbi Sholom Gordon Z”l who embraced him with the warmth of Yiddishkiet, torah and chassidus. Rabbi Gordon and Mr. Oren would learn twice a week. “He taught me about the beauties of our legacy, the great treasures of our heritage and above all he taught me how to pursue my faith and it is that faith that has got me to where I am today.” 

Mr. Oren was very energetic due to the days announcement and ended with a powerful point. “I am grateful for that event that occurred over 200 years ago when Rabbi Zalman got out of prison and was able to establish Chabad. I think it has made such an extraordinary difference in our lives and lives around the world.” 

Mr Oren was presented with a painting of the Knesset from Friendship Circle Jerusalem's’ Art Of Friendship event, (a project of Chabad Talbiya-Mamilla) and amidst a standing ovation he was ushered out to his speaking arrangements at the Knesset.

Performing at the evening was the Portnoy brothers creating a farbrengen like atmosphere with their beautiful niggunim. They were accompanied by Friendship Circle volunteer Chaim Zippel

Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson, Shliach to Chabad of Belgravia, UK, entranced with crowd with his fantastic lecture exhibiting how positivity, Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut can actually bring the impossible to happen. He wove together chassidus, physiology and song, bringing the audience to laughter and the incredulous finale that the Alter Rebbes words are not just an idea but a reality.

The beautiful evening ended with a final niggun of Podoh V’shalom Nafshi by Rabbi Kalmenson and MC of the evening Rabbi Levi Davidson and the entire audience singing together. 

The audience left entranced and uplifted by the words of Rabbi Kalmenson, the niggunim and Michael Oren’s parting statement, “The most successful model we found for engaging Jewish youth around the world was chabad, nothing comes close to it.”

Chabad of Talbiya warmly thanks the following people for their contributions toward this event- Alex Brodshandel and family, Avi Margolit and family, Menny Namdar and family.