Chabad of Talbiya- Mamilla 
is honored to introduce

a new concept:


The Light that Grows in the Dark


 תחרות האור מוסיף והולך


We invite Jews around the world, from ages 12 and up, to produce a Chanukah presentation demonstrating your musical, acting or creative skills in a video clip. 

 Chanukah contest 2020.png  

How to enter:

Please send us a high resolution, horizontal video clip.  The video should be between 2 - 5 minutes long.   Last date to send your video is Wednesday December 16 at 4pm Israel time.   


Please note that the contest is in full accordance with the halacha of Kol Isha. 


Choosing the winner: 

The three winning presentations will be chosen on the 7th night of Chanukah and will be shown on the 8th night in Mamilla during the candle lighting ceremony.


For any further details:  [email protected]


Wishing everyone a very HAPPY CHANUKAH!